How Will Your Land Be Marketed At Farm Boy Realty


How will your property be marketed at Farm Boy Realty?


Upon listing, your property is entered on the Saskatchewan MLS (Multiple Listing Service) – this will expose your property to buyers across the country and also to other agents and brokers in the Province. If buyers from another Real Estate firm buy your property, that firm will earn half of the commission – so the MLS system helps to ensure your farm is marketed by more than just the listing real estate company.


As well your property is entered on the Farm Boy on line website – this website is hosted by a company called Point2 which offers a variety of standard pages and also the ability to customize the site. The Farm Boy site is being customized to employ up to date information for buyers and sellers which will include interactive maps showing IDX feeds of all MLS farm land for sale, comparable sales information showing recent land sales and other information. For example, prospects may search the site by entering the legal land location of their own land and doing a search for land for sale within a radius of up to 30 miles. This will enable buyers to determine when land is for sale within a suitable area of their current famed land.  Registered customers of Farm Boy Realty Corp. will also be able to perform the same search function for Sold land. Additional interactive maps and services regarding farm land rentals are currently under construction to be rolled out in the fall-winter of 2015.


Using an up to date database of Saskatchewan land owners developed by and unique to Farm Boy, we will direct market your land to producers within a suitable radius of your land. Using our search criteria we can target producer of various size and in specific areas so that your property is exposed to the people most likely to be interested in purchasing it. Often possible buyers are missed or not contacted for months – we are very confident that we can put your property in front of all the potential buyers in your unique area! Our direct marketing program will consist of regular fliers containing listed and for sale land mailed direct to these potential buyers.

Signage at the land – proper placement of signs generates many local phone calls and a surprising number of calls from tradespeople, oil, etc. that happen by – we’d strongly recommend every client agree to the use of “For Sale” signs on their property.

Institutional and large investors – Farm Boy has contacts with all the larger investors and its Broker Guy Shepherd has worked with the majority of these larger investors and completed purchases and sales with them in the past. Using our experience, knowledge and excellent customer service relationships built on past successful transactions we look forward to continuing our relationship with these stakeholders in Saskatchewan Agriculture.

As well we have many individual investors that have purchased land or who are looking to purchase land. We have always provided excellent service and created long lasting relationships with these investors. We will continue to work with our current clients and contacts and look forward to establishing many more new contacts and clients.

Additionally we plan on advertising in the Western Producer and also the Ontario Producer. These ads will not necessarily be for individual farms – they will be blanket ads with the marketing intention of driving potential buyers to the web site to browse your listings. At various times word ads will be employed as well for specific listings, or farms will be advertised as Feature Properties in our display ads.


 The saying is “If you build it they will come” – and we truly believe we are building and developing a premier on line web based marketing system designed for farm land – the first of its kind that will be pro-active in getting your farm properties out to all interested buyers. You won’t see us on the TV, or hear us on the radio (those sites typically advertise the Realtor for new clients – not the client). Instead, our advertising dollars will be spent to put our clients land in front of interested, potential buyers.


Give us a call – Put a Farm Boy to work for you today!





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